List Of Loves: Old Window DIY Projects


So I’m starting a feature on my blog called List Of Loves. Each week, I will share pictures along with links to the blogs/projects that inspire me. This week’s theme is “Old Window DIY Projects”.

Country, rustic, and full of charm, old farm windows are a fun and affordable way to add an interesting piece to your decor. Old windows can be used inside or outside. They can be functional or, simply hung on a wall.

Recently I struck “junk gold” when I came across a pile of old windows while driving home from work. I was estatic!  I filled my car up, brought them home, set them in my studio… aaand they haven’t moved since. 😂

Turns out, I could use some inspiration.

There are so many creative ways to upcycle old windows. Here you can see a list of my favorites.

To see the blogs behind these projects, you can click onto the photos to be redirected. Make sure to show these creative folks some love by visiting.

DSC_0705   repurposed-window-flag-display1








Old Philadelphia Sugar Sacks Pt. 1- Franklin Sugar Refining Company

Recently I came across some sugar stacks. They’re from the Franklin Sugar Refining Company.  If you’re a sucker for good labels/packaging like I am, you will love them! They are from before the 1930’s, though I could not find an exact date. Usually, the date is stamped on the sack.

While searching non stop for some information, I found some facts, including the rise and fall of the Philadelphia sugar refineries.

Advertisment for Franklin Sugar Refining Company 1920

FSRC (est.1863-64) was, at one point, one of the largest in the world; controlling 90% of America’s sugar. So many changes took place during that time, eventually FSRC would become part of the American Sugar Refineries in 1892.

These sacks are currently listed for sale. You can visit my Etsy Shop for more details.

BFranklinSugar2 FranklinCaneSugarSack1 FranklinSugar5 BFranklinSugar1

You can find more information about sugar’s history through Philadelphia Securities (1893-94) and The American Sugar Family Vol.1 & 2 via Google Books.

Now, House On Upland

Hey everyone,

This is my “shop” blog.

I sell vintage and antique items, along with home decor created/designed by me. I do some freelance work as an artist as well. I had a blog called Art By L.Marie, so if you read on, you will see posts from the old blog.

I sell through Etsy and occasionally take custom orders for decor, wooden signs to be more specific. My signs are usually done using pyrography (wood burning). To make the signs more price friendly, I offer painted signs without the burned wood. I also enjoy painting, hand lettering, and a little graphic design.

I have high hopes for this small business. The blog itself is still being put together, so it will be changing frequently. In the meantime, you can find the shop on Facebook @ House On Upland, Instagram @houseonupland, or on Etsy @

Here’s what you can expect by following House On Upland on WordPress….

Updates on the shop (sales, “coming soon” items)

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Occasional randomness (favorite internet finds/small businesses, my love for Lancaster County, aaaand some other stuff)

I really hope you enjoy what House On Upland has to offer!



Facebook Giveaway!!!

FacebookGiveawayA while back I promised that if my Facebook page hit 300 likes, that I would do a giveaway.

Well it happened, and I stuck to my word.

Lately I’ve been getting into things other than painting on canvas…hand lettering and pyrography are new on my list of things I love to do. I decided to combine the two and make a sign. Add in my love for all things old and distressed, and I have come up with this rustic looking piece.

As for the lovely words of advice, I gave a little backstory on where this came from, you can read about it here.Giveaway1Giveaway3

I hope you love it and will participate in the giveaway. Just go onto my Facebook page and when you see the post, hit “like” and comment (you can just simply type your name) and I will enter your name the old fashioned way…in a hat or basket. Winner will be announced August 8th.

Best of luck, and thank you to everyone who has been so awesome and encouraging!

❤ L.Marie

Here is another design.

This is the one I’ve been talking about. If all goes well with my new burning kit, I will be giving away a sign with this design on my Facebook page.

I’m pretty excited about it and I hope you are too!

The inspiration comes from Henry David Thoreau. He was such a wise man. I’ve been reading (little by little) his book called Walden.

It’s a really cool book with a perspective that most of us modern folk don’t have. It’s a been a great read so far. I always wonder while reading it, “How I would fair with going off the grid?” 

… almost completely cut off from all the craziness.

I’d like to think that it wouldn’t be that bad at first, but after sometime I would go through some kind of technical withdraw.

Maybe the family and I could camp out somewhere for a couple of days lol.

Live The Life


Quote From Henry David Thoreau

Hand Lettering and Waiting

I’ve been waiting a few days now for a new wood burning kit. It’ll be here tomorrow but to keep me busy over the past couple of days here I’ve been practicing a little more with hand lettering and I have to say, I’m in love!

It reminds me of when I was younger and I used to write all of my friend’s and classmate’s names in bubble-letters/graffiti (kinda graffiti lol) for them to hang up on their walls. I used to enjoy it so much.

Here is today’s work. This quote comes from a lovely spiritual teacher named Eileen Caddy. It’s a sweet sentiment, something that brings joy each time I read it. I always wish everyone well and I think this suites my mood. I want to do this up as a sign but I think I may have to do this as a print as well! I think this would look good in my kitchen 😉



I will be sharing the image for the giveaway on here once I’m done cleaning it up on my Mac book. You can see the draft and other updates on my Facebook page @ Life and Art with L.Marie.

A LITTLE SIDE NOTE: I wish I was this brilliant philosopher and writer but I’m okay with the fact that I’m not. So when it comes to some of these happy and thoughtful words, I rely on words that are considered Public Domain.



Wooden Sign



IMG_1232I FINALLY got my wooden sign hung up in the kitchen! It ties in perfectly with the living room as well. Would love to fix ( in other words, get rid of ) the lighting in here but we’re renting as of the moment so it’s a no-go on that. Little by little this is becoming more of our home and it makes me happy. One day we will most likely own, but for now we’ll make due with what we have.
IMG_1236Currently I’m working on a mini chalkboard for in the kitchen. The blade on my saw needs replacing before I hack up anymore wood for the framing (haha), but I’m excited to get it done. I really enjoyed the past few wooden projects I’ve worked on, I’m brainstorming like crazy on what else I should make. Soon enough I will be listing some woodwork for sale through my shop Art By L.Marie so keep an eye out. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with antiques which is why I was inspired to make this sign. So when it comes to signs what are some of your favorites? Inspirational? The family name? humor? Personalized store signs?

Here’s a closer peek at the sign I made by using a wood burning tool to engrave the lettering. For more pics you can see my original posting of this sign by clicking here.



Something A Little Different




This week I did something out of my comfort zone…Pyrography (wood burning).

I tried it before but had no idea what I was doing so my first time around was well…sad. I’ve been wanting to create a wooden sign for in our kitchen for quite a while, so yesterday I turned on my Silhouette machine and printed out the letters. At first I was just going to paint the letters on but I didn’t find it to be much of a challenge. So I broke out my wood burning pen and began.




This time I stuck with just one attachment and moved extremely slow. I must say I am a lot happier with the results this time around! I love the old timey feel that it gives to the sign.







So now I have two loves….painting and sign making with pyrography. Someday I would love to have these signs for sale, hopefully with a little more practice, that day will be soon.